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    OASCA, Zyscovich, NOXTAK, and STUDIO Nelson Gonzalez propose the construction of the MIGRANTE Monument and the celebration of Migrante Day in the city of Doral.

Get to know OASCA

Oranjestad-Aruba Sister Cities Association is a nonpartisan, all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization which is incorporated in the United States. OASCA strives for an active and engaged citizenry through citizen diplomacy. The organization is responsible to fulfill the Sister Cities agreement between Doral, Florida and Oranjestad, Aruba. Sister Cities International was created at President Eisenhower’s 1956 White House conference on citizen diplomacy. Eisenhower envisioned an organization that could be the hub of peace and prosperity by creating bonds between people from different cities around the world. These unique agreements typically revolve around economic development, cultural exchanges, educational programs, sports & wellness activities, innovation, government relations and the creative industries. OASCA has been actively involved in Sister Cities events, projects and programs in Doral like: Curasonchi Educational Program at DDCES, Nature and Faces Photography Exchange, and participated at the first annual Ritmo Doral concert to name just a few. OASCA is excited to participate in the “Call to Artists!” initiative by proudly presenting ‘MIGRANTE’ by renowned Aruban contemporary artist; Nelson Gonzalez.

Get to know NOXTAK

NOXTAK is a green technology company that uses nanotechnology and environmental assessments to develop clean solutions that contribute to the preservation of the environment and health. NOXTAK was founded as a scientific project on the island of Aruba in 2012 by Joaquin Machado (Electrosmog Environmental Researcher) and Marianella Romero (engineer and specialist in EHS cases). Aruba functioned as a living laboratory containing all the environmental conditions normally found in different urban contexts for an extensive study of electromagnetic pollution. The island became the headquarters of its environmental scientific research pilot project. NOXTAK migrated to Doral, lured by the Sister Cities relationship between Doral and Oranjestad, and is integrating its award-winning SPIRO® technology into Florida’s first Smart City. As proud migrants and art lovers, the founders pledge to certify the new Doral Cultural Arts Center as an electromagnetic-free facility with the construction of ‘MIGRANTE’ which would be adjacent to this magnificent building that coincidentally resembles the company’s logo. The founders of NOXTAK believe that this is a fitting way to give back to the community where they now live, work, learn and play.

Get to know Zyscovich

ZYSCOVICH is an international master planning, architecture, and interior design firm with offices in Miami, Orlando, FL as well as New York City and Bogotá, Colombia. The firm’s innovative approach to planning, Real Urbanism®, embraces the history and economics of a community to create a unique vision that brings tangible value and improved quality of life to the area. Our broad range of experience includes large-scale mixed-use, transportation, educational, commercial, retail, multi-family residential, and hospitality projects. Our experience in educational facility design includes LEED® Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School across the street from the proposed MIGRANTE monument. Zyscovich is pleased to collaborate with Aruba and Doral to make MIGRANTE a reality.

Get to know STUDIO nelson gonzalez

Inburgering as art – Art as inburgering Understanding INBURGERING (NL) as the mutual assimilation between legislation and immigrants in the process of naturalization, within the Dutch kingdom, a process that is decided through an admission exam. This process encompasses a general understanding of the culture, its civilization, and the legislative processes. What do I do? Translate this legislative formula into an artistic process in the form of an exchange of knowledge of local concepts and techniques from a geographical context that is new to me. How do I implement it? In the form of artistic residencies, research, working papers, collaborations, mediations, etc… I have managed to explore 10 years of ‘inburgering’ practice in Venezuela, Aruba, Curaçao, Colombia, Cuba, The Netherlands, the United States, Dominican Republic, and South Korea. Methodological construction The cultural uniqueness of a geographical context is the main motivation. Linking the Caribbean, or the Dutch Caribbean, with these singularities as first links. Using craft techniques, linguistics, literature or body forms as a pedagogical tool of exchange. What are the results? Assimilation of cultural processes based on conceptual, etymological, cultural, or contextual similarities. Art forms borrowed from the context, assimilating… Inburgering Art. MIGRANTE serves as the embodiment of Inburgering Art in the City of Doral.