MIGRANTE Monument by Nelson Gonzalez. Aruba

Doral has come a long way since Mrs. and Mr. Doris and Alfred Kaskel set their eyes on this treasured swampy land. Today a thriving city, marked by transcultural communities from many parts of the world. Doral has become the logistical mecca of South Florida which is evident by its bustling land and air traffic. A city with almost every industry duly represented, but, that demands patrimonial spinoff. MIGRANTE; The way to perpetuate this cultural enrichment and provide a commemorative space for the city. An axis of encounter that inspires a sense of belonging as a legacy of the migrants, consolidators of the city we enjoy today.
The Team MIGRANTE Doral-Oranjestad

MIGRANTE. More than unique, a Monument..!

MIGRANTE introduces a specific site at the Doral City Center to commemorate December 18th, United Nations International Migrants Day, highlighting that the city was built by migrants. 

MIGRANTE salutes Miami International Airport’s vital importance to Doral’s thriving economy by propelling a ‘paper’ plane into the direction of MIA’s runway. MIGRANTE’s paper plane conspicuously calls attention to the shape of the Doral Cultural Arts Center, which is a V-shaped building
resembles a paper plane, launching the Vission of the city. 

MIGRANTE, therefore also allows for an evocative photo-op by pointing out the heavy air traffic above Doral’s skies. A QR-code will be made visible on MIGRANTE’s base. Visitors are encouraged to take pictures at the monument and upload their images to Doral’s social media under the creation of #tags, social media, apps, and internet site articles. 

MIGRANTE. Here and NOW...!

Like a blurred memory, my ancestors and I crossed the imaginary line from one place to another. Let’s make this place, our place…!

Nelson Gonzalez. Aruba, 2022

MIGRANTE, A Monument with body and soul...!