International Migrants Day

 Is a significant reason to celebrate in the city of Doral; and celebrate in a big way!
OASCA (Oranjestad- Aruba Sister Cities Association) takes the initiative to incorporate a plan, together with the sister cities of Doral, Barranquilla, Armenia, Taipei, Guatemala City, and Oranjestad, to propose and collectively produce a day for emancipation, freedom, education, and exchange of cultural knowledge.

Curatorial Motivation

Based on art and community projects, my artistic practice consolidated the methodological and practical creation I titled; Integration as art – Art as integration. The exchange of knowledge through integral pedagogical experiences is fundamental to developing this methodology. 

For this reason, the positioning of a creative text, applied to the field of curatorship, is the result of the implementation of a practical methodology in the form of an “artistic operative” that appropriates curatorship as an expressive artistic medium. 

Poetics on the table; a collage of performances that unify a story, where the meeting point between the selection of these art pieces is the transformation of social issues in poetics. 

I dare to touch sensitive and complex issues such as the right of family reunification for the preservation of culture, issues linked to cultural, legal, and social forms that define behaviors of immigrant life in the United States, and other reflective elements on humanity, culture and its conflicts translated into contemporary poetics.