Hello world!

Warm greetings from the Happy Island of Aruba!

It is an immense privilege for Studio Nelson Gonzalez, Oranjestad-Aruba Sister Cities Association, NOXTAK, and Zyscovich Architects to present this public art project.

With the MIGRANTE public art project, our goal is to honor the citizens of Doral who contributed so much to the progress of their city.

Art is the trigger for the elements that we enjoy today, but will surely be the tangible heritage of the future.

We hope that MIGRANTE serves as an engine that broadens the diversity of the population, enriches the culture, and inspires the city to continue to move forward.

MIGRANTE was created to embellish a specific area of the city to underscore the city’s slogan as a premier place to live, work, learn, and play.

On behalf of our consortium, I thank you for considering the MIGRANTE Monument.

Nelson Gonzalez Studio Nelson Gonzalez Oranjestad-Doral 2021-2022

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